Sandra Sugrue

Sandra Sugrue


"Everyone benefits from therapeutic touch. One of life's greatest gifts is that massage doesn't just feel good, it's good for you!" - Sandra Sugrue, LMT, NCTBM Sandra is a graduate of the SOMA INSTITUTE - The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy.


As an experienced therapist, Sandra enjoys her work and her experience shows in her attentiveness to create a massage that is well suited for your individual needs as she incorporates various modalities & techniques designed to promote healing, relaxation, stress reduction and recovery from muscle injury or spasms.

Sandra creates an amazing massage you won’t want to miss!

During a typical massage, she will incorporate 3 or more of the following techniques:  Relaxation, Swedish, Myofacial, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Medical Massage, Cupping, Passive Release as well as her signature “Thermal Palms” a wonderful hot stone alternative!!

Thermal Palms

A Thermal Palms® Massage is a therapy that uses soft hot sacs to provide a continuous source of deeply relaxing penetrating heat to the skin and muscle. This treatment is very soothing for those who suffer from muscle and joint pain or who simply enjoy the toasty feeling that warmth provides.

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