Jasmine Rivera

Jasmine Rivera

Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist

Jasmine has been practicing clinical massage since 2020. She is an enthusiastic and passionate practitioner. Her specialty is "troubleshooting" the body and she is able to identify the root cause of muscular-related challenges and develop a treatment plan to eliminate body dysfunction, imbalance, and pain.

Jasmine believes strongly in educating and empowering her clients. She appreciates that the more we know about how we carry stress and challenges in our bodies, the better equipped we are to handle physical symptoms.

In terms of her technique on the table, it has been described as “no stone left unturned”. Jasmine is all about the details, and makes it her priority to go deep into the muscle fibers, joints, and soft tissues to provide maximum pain relief and restore range of motion. Rehabilitation is her passion, and it shows in her knowledge of the body and her dedication to her clients.

In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys spending time in nature, hiking with her partner and their dog, painting and sketching, as well as working on computer systems. She loves activities that stimulate her mind creatively and gets her body moving.