Stress Relief Products

My Personal Mission & Journey to Optimal Health

Dr. Howard K. WeissmanStruggling with chronic respiratory issues for the first two decades of my life, I quickly learned that the medical community was essential during crisis but did not have all the answers in the realm of optimal health, especially in the arena of prevention.

As a clinical psychologist, specializing in health psychology, I integrate the science of Western, empirically based behavioral medicine with the ancient wisdom of alternative therapies.  It was my own past health challenges and a near-death experience at 39 years young that inspired and fueled a passionate mission to explore and make readily available  the myriad of ways the mind can mend the body. From natural remedies, nutritional intelligence, herbal and homeopathic supplements, self-hypnosis and other natural change technologies including FIR Sauna, floatation therapy, energy medicine and body work.

I’m grateful to have a team of seasoned healing professionals that work collaboratively toward our passionate purpose; aiding all with stress related symptoms and challenges to feel more empowered, whole and peaceful.

Yours in Health and floating,


Achieve and Maintain Optimum Health

Herbal, homeopathic, vitamins, and food-based nutritional’s are helping people with chronic conditions achieve and maintain optimum health, often without medications and repeated doctor visits. Many of the following products and supplements have been beneficial to me in overcoming my personal health challenges. I encourage you to learn more about them and consider their use for increased health and wellness. You will find several new products among the list below. For more information, please contact CSRC at 847-412-0922.