Spring into the season!

Spring begins the development of life. The cycle is in renewal and is flourishing. Everything is restored. It is the beginning of creation for all living things. In this season of spring, we sow the seeds for the fall harvest within ourselves.

Spring is the time of Wood; one of the five elements within Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Wood element controls the tendons and ligaments of our body. The tendons and ligaments hold our body up right and strong. Theses structures reach down to the earth and root us. The element of Wood maintains our body’s structural integrity. Any type of body fatigue is associated with the element of Wood. Problems of the limbs such as weakness, stiffness, joint pain or body aches seek expression and resolution in the Spring. If you are unsure of your footing, become dizzy, get easily confused or suffer from vertigo, open your mind to what your body is telling you about your roots and your need for greater balance.

The primary emotion of the Wood element is anger and suggests imbalance in the Wood element. Anger can also be expressed by irritability, frustration or self-contempt. Even if your not consciously aware of anger or its derivative, the energy can still be impacting and be detrimental. Learning how to express emotions in a healthy way is vital to balancing the Wood element.

The organs associated with the Wood element are the Liver and Gall bladder. Between 11pm and 3am the qi or life force of the body is most active in these channels. If you find yourself awakening during this time, and perhaps, struggle falling back to sleep, notice the emotion that is most present. The emotion is a window into the Wood element and an opportunity to process what was formally suppressed or lost.

The Wood element is responsible for planning, decision making, and judgment. The sense organ associated with the Wood element is sight. Any eye problems point to an imbalance in the Wood element. Even on a simple level we recognize that it takes vision and sight to make decisions and plan.

The Chinese say “Wind is the cause of a hundred diseases.” Wind is the climate of Spring. We can all relate a blustery Spring day in Chicago. The Wood element is especially sensitive to Wind. Imbalances in the Wood element can sometimes manifest as problems in the throat and neck. Minor colds, coughs, and allergy symptoms are all examples of this.

The best time to treat any of the above symptoms is Spring when the Wood element is in a cycle of renewal. Take our quiz to find out if your Wood element is balanced. If you are challenged by any of these symptoms consider scheduling an appointment with our acupuncturist or our energy medicine consultant. Restoring your body to balance and harmony is our goal.

With love & light~

Dr. Howard K. Weissman

Dr. Howard K. Weissman, Psy.D., B.C.E.T.S.

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