How Stressed Are You?

Stress Test

Rate each question below with the correct number corresponding to the scale below. Base your answer on what has been true for you during the past 2 weeks. Add up your answers for the seventeen questions and compare them to the score ranges at the bottom of the page. Understand the meaning of your total score by seeing where your total number falls within in the scale below. Basic recommendations are provided based on your score. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Weissman or your health-care professional, should your score trigger concerns or questions.

0-1 = Strongly Disagree
2-3 = Mildly Disagree
4-5 = Neutral
6-7 = Mildly Agree
8-9 = Strongly Agree

Stress Test

How did you score?

0-35 You manage your stress very well. Although you experience stress at times, it probably passes quickly and doesn’t interfere with your life.

36-70 Your stress level fluctuates from low to moderate. Consider applying cognitive behavioral approaches to managing your stress and listening to a relaxation meditation CD.

71-106 Your stress level is bordering on high. Now is the time to get to the root of what your stressed feelings are all about. Consider consulting with a stress specialist.

106-153 Your stress level is very high. Apply stress relief exercises and consider talking about your stress with a specialist. You will benefit from committing to a consistent stress reduction program.