FIR Sauna with Rain Shower


FIR Sauna with Rain Shower


1 – 45-minute session $49    
3 – 45-minute sessions $135 ($45/session)
5 – 45-minute sessions $175 ($35/session)

Product Description

Health Benefits:

Improved blood circulation, metabolism, and cellular renewal may seem like broad and vague benefits of a sauna. However, when considering the health risks that are caused by low blood circulation, slowed metabolism, and abnormal cell growth, the FIR Sauna may save you from disease, stress, and anxiety.

The FIR Sauna’s heat allows blood vessels to dilate and opens skin pores; blood circulation is much smoother which can ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients being absorbed by the body. The surge in blood flow will also increase your metabolic rate allowing muscles and skin to regain elasticity and help you maintain a youthful appearance. Cellulite can be dramatically improved, not to mention weight loss! During each session you can burn anywhere from 600-1200 calories.

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