30-Day Health Cleanse & Detox Challenge

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30-Day Health Cleanse & Detox Challenge

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Now is the perfect time to pause and reflect on your health and wellness goals. Are you in need of shedding a few pounds? Does your energy dip mid afternoon leaving you feeling sluggish and/or distractible? Do you struggle with fatigue and cravings?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, consider our 30-Day Detox Program to shift and bring forth the necessary consciousness for mind body change. Your one-on-one weekly individualized meeting with Dr. Weissman, a clinical health psychologist, with 25 years of experience will help you incorporate the Sugar Control Program, a scientifically based way to reset the blood sugar metabolism. Our program will help you increase energy, improve mood and attention and assist in weight loss.

Program Includes:

4- 15 minute health consultations with Dr. Howard Weissman-Clinical Health Psychologist addressing the 5 Basics of Optimal Health

1-Organic Protien Plant Based Powder-Creamy Chocolate Fudge

  • 21g organic, plant-based protein
  • 5g organic fiber
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO

1- 60 Caps of Mega Sporebiotic – Probiotic and antioxidant support

1- 1000 Tabs of Chlorella and/or Living Fiber Super Food for nutritional and digestive support

4- 30 min Far Infrared Sauna Sessions (FIR) for detoxification and weight loss (burns 600 calories per session)

The challenge is simple!

Drink one shake a day or 2 scoops Organic Protien Powder as a meal replacement with 1 capsule of Mega Sporbiotic and 10 tabs of Chlorella or 2 tabs of Living Fiber (Dr. Weissman will determine, which product is best for you!).

Once a week you will experience a Far Infrared Sauna (burning 600 calories) along with a Rain Shower to support cellular cleansing followed by a 15-minute follow-up consultation with Dr. Weissman to help you with accountability.

*Dr. Weissman has 25-years of clinical experience, uses both traditional and alternative holistic therapies, is board certified in traumatic stress and is the founder and director of The Chicago Stress Relief Center.

$375 for the entire program.
(regular value: $540)


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