Our Team

Ewa Gut
Ewa initially graduated in 2000 as a physical therapist from Krakow Academic in Poland and specialized in medically related physical challenges from orthopedic-based to neurological in nature. Since 2002, she has been a licensed massage therapist. She also has extensive experience working with sport injuries.
Dr. Howard K. Weissman
Dr. Howard K. Weissman
Clinical Director and Founder
Dr. Howard K. Weissman is Clinical Director and Founder of The Chicago Stress Relief Center, Inc. (CSRC), a diversified holistic practice he began in 1993. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in mind/body health and is a board-certified expert in the treatment of traumatic stress.
Cielo “CiCi” Gonzalez
Cielo "CiCi" Gonzalez
Cielo has been a massage practitioner since 2011. Her background as a massage therapist, and years of collaborating with both chiropractors and spas, has given her a uniquely rounded and compassionate approach to client's needs. The values holding space, educating the client about their body and carefully listening to achieve the needs of each individual.
Sandra Sugrue
Sandra Sugrue
"Everyone benefits from therapeutic touch. One of life's greatest gifts is that massage doesn't just feel good, it's good for you!" - Sandra Sugrue, LMT, NCTBM Sandra is a graduate of the SOMA INSTITUTE - The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy.