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Biography, Dr. Howard K. Weissman, Founder & Clinical Director

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Mission Statement

We invite each client to experience holistic, empirically-based traditional and alternative treatment modalities through a diverse group of professionals. We specialize in the science of Deep REST, De-Stress & EQ Development. We strive to shift and transform the stress response in each person seeking relief and change. We aid in bringing forth the tools and skills necessary to pause and develop a new relationship with stress as you evolve the ways you relax, create wellness and develop resiliency.

Specializing in holistic stress and pain management along with other medically related stress conditions including traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive spectrum, depression, anxiety, phobias and infertility related stress.

With the professional team at The Chicago Stress Relief Center, Inc. (CSRC) you find a variety of natural ways to transform the stress that binds you. We encourage each person to consider a consultation with a member of our team to better understand their specific relationship to STRESS and it’s impact on one’s body and on one’s life. After a thorough evaluation, an individualized approach is developed with the goal of assisting you to achieve your personal wellness vision. Our holistic philosophy aims at empowering you to calm the often chaotic forces that can hijack the mind and negatively impact the body. By developing a new relationship with stress, our strategy helps you find your passionate purpose as you develop a healthier balance and greater personal satisfaction.

CSRC, Inc. Services

  • Reduce physical distress through visualization, meditation and relaxation training
  • Freedom from panic, anxiety and phobias
  • Comfort from grief, loss and depression
  • Coping with natural transitions in life
  • Calming the storms associated with traumatic stress conditions
  • Developing intimacy and long lasting relationships
  • Marital Counseling
  • Relief from stress related conditions including, infertility, ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches and chronic pain
  • Individual, family and group counseling